The Culver Line EP 

"I know I'll find a way to make it through. I'll just readjust my dreams and call them new" 

The IND Culver Line is the subway line of the B Division of the New York City Subway, extending from Downtown Brooklyn south to Coney Island. The line is named after Andrew Culver, who built the original Culver Line that preceded the current subway line. The local tracks of the Culver Line are served by the F service, as well as the G between Bergen Street and Church Avenue. 

That first paragraph I stole from Wikipedia. "The Culver Line EP" has 5 songs that I originally released as singles throughout 2014-2015. Recorded in the neighborhood of Brooklyn where the core lineup of the band first formed, these songs felt like a tremendous step forward in both my writing and production - 


Home Before the Rise of the Tide

"Bernadette can't you see? This is life for me."

Released in 2012, "Home Before the Rise of the Tide" was the first full length release that had the effort of our core crew from start to finish. After the lessons I learned from the indecisive and experimental approach I took with "Fiction and Photographs", I set out to make "Home Before the Rise of the Tide" more efficiently. We limited the amount of instruments and production, and worked to arrange each song with the amount of layers our current band lineup had. 

Out of all the tunes, "Best I Could" got us more attention than anything. Sirius XM Coffeehouse 


Fiction in Photographs

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