Merchandise, Collaboration and Transparency

Ladies and Gents. The time has come...and that time is MERCH UPDATE time!!


First things first. Over the years, I've had literally millions of requests to reprint the infamous "Dan Nose Best" shirt. There was only 1 small run of this shirt, but I think it's safe to say that it changed the world of fashion forever. For those of you who don't know the nose shirt, its a pretty simple equation. American Apparel T-shirt + traced profile of my giant honker = solid gold. The nose shirt will be available soon.  Should I stick with yellow?

But I need more than just the nose shirt. I have been touring more lately and its clear that I need some fresh new products for the  merch table... Enter Carly Monardo. Carly is a talented artist who happens to live next door to Adam Podd's  identical twin brother. (Side note, identical twins are super weird). Carly designed the single cover for "Bernadette", and it came out AMAZING. I'm really excited to be working with her again and I thought I'd share with you where we are in the process.


Theres one thing I know for certain; I don't want to have a t-shirt or poster with my name in big letters. I had a shirt like that back in 2009, and no one wanted one...not even my mom.  It works well with band names but come on...who am I, Tommy Hilfiger? Since I'm a self proclaimed gifted wordsmith, Carly and I thought it would be cool if we chose specific lyrics from songs of mine and used her visual interpretations as the design. We started by choosing a bunch of lyrics that could make for cool visuals:

  • “living in a shoebox, burn through paychecks, best damn city in the world” 
  • “bet she's got a dog with no collar that’s the kind of dog I’d be… running around, just a big ol’ hound all the other dogs wishing they were me."
  • “there’s a cloud in my in my sky  and it’s moving so slow I could trace it... there’s a wind, but it can’t seem to push any boat in my sea”
  • “snuck in the room again and took a pinch from the stash” 
  • “drove 5 miles past the reservoir, hands out the window….”  
  • “can’t stop crying like a tomcat tied at the teeth” 
  • "howling at the morning moon"

So now, Carly is going to go and sketch a bunch of ideas that we will choose from. BUT HEY OH! Within an hour, Carly sent me back an interpretation of a lyric that we didn't choose, from "The Good Son". Check it out.


It's safe to say that Carly is a badass. The fact that she's down with food chain role reversal is almost as cool as the fact that she can make something like this in an hour. It's too soon to tell if this will end up being on a t-shirt or maybe part of a poster, but either way, I thought this would be cool to share. 

I wish I could spend all day every day writing songs, recording said songs, and playing shows.  However, independant artists and bands like me spend just as much time dealing with the logistics... i.e. merch, promotion, social media bullshit... you get the picture. I'm trying to find new ways to make this part of the gig more rewarding. Collaborating with Carly on these designs is one of those ways. I also think that transparent blog posts like this might be one too. Lets see if i can keep it up.

That's it for now...In the mean time, if you like Carly's interpretation, here are some downloadable wallpapers for your laptop, phone, or Newton. Deuces. 

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