fun week of shows

had a great week of shows last week... here's what went down. 

1. played a super last minute NYC show at Rockwood. Ended up being one of my favorite shows in a while! Great turnout, lots-of-fun, and most importantly... played my newest purchase, 1954 Gibson ES-125. It was a bit stressful getting the hang of it on stage at first, but but by the end of the set I couldn't have been more excited about the purchase. I feel like with guitars/gear (and clothes) you gotta use that shit ASAP or it just sits in your closet. 

2. 75 minute set at Ithaca College which was lovely (IC is where I graduated from in 2007). Got to visit some of my favorite food and drink spots, stayed at a lovely inn with Mark and Adam... The show was a lot of fun because Mark and Adam switched off playing bass. This is something we wanted to try out for a while and it was pretty rad! Some tunes were me, Adam on upright bass, and mark on electric guitar... and others were me, Adam on piano, and mark on electric bass. It'll be a good option for traveling light when the time calls for it. Most memorable thing about this trip was that the car rides were exceptionally fun. The three of us hadn't hung out in a while so it was a really good hang in the car. #friends. New guitar felt even better since I had more time to soundcheck. 


3. played for the third time this year at Melodies Cafe in Ardmore PA. love this spot! I didn't know a ton of people here at first, but I'm starting to build a really great fan base at that club. Nice, quiet listening room and all the people were super attentive and supportive. Adam's father surprised him at this show which I thought was rad, and he also shot a video of us playing "young and free"... now you can see and hear that new guitar which I couldn't resist goofing around with in the beginning of this tune. 

4. played at a benefit for PS. 84. A friend of mine who is a super talented writer reached out to me a while back about doing a few songs, and I was happy to do it. These kinda things can often be kind of a pain, but they booked some killer acts (mainly people from the theatre community)  and I had a great time. Really nice people, really nice sound guy, and a fantastic audience... Someone also filmed the three song set I did, so you can check it out below. The first song Bernadette, which I normally don't play solo but I thought I'd give it a whirl. I didn't especially love playing it without the band, and it's a hard one to start off with this song before I'm all warmed up. Second song. A lot of people have been asking me to get their hands this new song that i've been trying out at shows the last few months. It's called "the Marais"... I'm not into releasing songs early before I have a good recording of them, but I thought it would be fun to bury it here on my blog, in the middle of a long video, as an Easter egg for those who go digging :)... The third song "Ballad" is an oldie but one of my favorites to play acoustic. anyway, enjoy! 

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