#TBT: Sticky Situation

here's a music video from a few years back for "Sticky Situation".

"Sticky Situation" was a song that I was amped up about for a while, but never really liked it enough to release on an album. It was a very transitional time for my writing, and for the band. This song (along with plenty of others) we played for a while in our live show (2010, 11?), but over the years it sort of just slipped through the cracks.... and that's how it goes. 

The video however is still one of my favorites. Shot by close friends Chris Lavigne, Justin Muir, and Sasha Israel... We did it all in one day at a studio we like to use in downtown Manhattan. It was really hot, but it was really fun. (fun fact... we actually shot 2 more songs but we never put the videos together) 

I've written and recorded so many songs that will never see the light of day, and it always bums me out when a new/exciting idea transitions to a failed/abandoned song. However, I've learned that after the dust settles and I move on to the next thing,  the demos and music videos of the failed songs end up being some of my most valued possessions. They're an amazing way for me to remember the journey, and the good times that I have with my ridiculously talented friends.


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