#TBT: Stevie Mills

ahhh , the constant immature mockery between the epic thrasher and the sensitive folkie... meet Stevie Mills. 

One of my dearest friends, Stevie Aiello is an insanely talented writer and musician. We grew up together in Rhode Island, and lived a few doors down from each other in Brooklyn for a while until he broke my heart and relocated  to LA. He is a Jamoke, but he makes fantastic stove top popcorn. Stevie was the guitarist and lead singer of Monty Are I, but now you can find him co-writing music with awesome artists and playing bass with 30 Seconds to Mars. Since high school, we have been bouncing ideas off of each other about songs, lyrics, live shows, discussing our career choices etc. Time and time again we have egged each other on to dig deeper and try harder... all the while, busting each others balls incessantly. (that phrase is so much more foul in writing, but chops looked too corny. Last time I write balls in a blog, I promise). 





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